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We Are

    a team of designers with a unique blend of skills both aesthetic and technical.   We create unique home and business environmental décor accessories.   Here is the place to explore the possibilities of colors and textures, with applications from powerful wall installations to delicate handmade gifts.   We give you unique, hand crafted objects fine enough to honor your personal friends or flexible enough to make a unique impact as a logo enhanced gift item or for your gift shop.

We Provide

  • Unique designs and products for your home or business.
  • On the soft side we create Art Quilts and other Fiberarts, as well as unique glassware and tableware.
  • On the software side we can help you with graphics for web sites and consultation on web and graphic design.
  • What we specialize in is new custom products and services unique to your needs and wants.

We Create

  • Unusual and maybe surprising designs.
  • Hand crafted items made exclusively for you.
  • The luxury and confidence that items made for you are unique and will remain so.

Our Catalogues and Galleries

    are here for you to enjoy and be inspired.   Then contact us to see how our products and custom designs will enhance your world.   We are ready to talk to you about our products, our designs and how they will fit into your world.

Our Online Shops

  • "Quilts Exceptional " offers quilted wall art, tableware and home accessories.

  • "Color Me Magick " accessories for your Pagan, Wiccan or New Age lifestyle.

  • "QeDécoupage " glassware, candleholders and a selection of new designs.

Quilts Exceptional Custom Quilts Color Me Magick Wiccan Specialties QeDécoupage Fabric on Glass

Each has ready to ship inventory and easy, on-line checkout.