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Our designs are unique reflections of our clients.   Our service to you is to create something special, large or small, to fit your business, your space and your life.

From our Catalogue

Items fall into two categories which are clearly specified in the descriptions.   Possible methods of customization are listed in each item’s description.

Some are designed to be customized with logos and in colors specifically for you, the individual client.   These are created to your order, in limited quantities, within our facilities.   Materials availability and the time required for fabrication vary.   We will provide our best estimate for pricing and time to delivery, but we are at the mercy of the “big guys” too so please allow some variance in our estimates.

Our unique collections of gifts and handmade items are suitable for home or business.   They do not lend themselves well to customization.   But we are always open to your ideas about colors, size variations and quantities, so talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.

From our Gallery

These are privately owned items we have created for other clients.   They are not available for sale or customization.   We offer them here as a portfolio of our work and a limited representation of what we can do for you.   See them as inspiration and possibilities for the dynamic creations we can create for your home or business.


All Custom Items are protected by design copyrights of Q Expeditions, Meg Chobanian, except images and devices authorized by their copyright holders to be included in custom items made exclusively for them.