Balancing the Threads of Life

 Life is made of threads,

They weave and sew,

And sometimes they unravel…

But in the end, each life is a piece of work. 

That’s how I’m starting.  Like my first footsteps on the moon.  It’s what I want to talk about and share with you; all the things that weave into a life, all the threads and knots and beautiful ribbons and bows.

I’m so excited to finally have this blog up and running. 

full spectrum votives

new for my first blog post

 Its genesis arrives in the middle of a decoupage project in the studio. And I have some new and beautiful things to share. 

I delayed starting this project, like I always do with tasty things, so I could focus on just the work and the colors and designs.  So far I’m pleased.

I'm working on promotional gifts

the first test run of Qpins

Qpins…”they” say I need something for distinctive packaging and free promotional gifts.  Altered clothespins with my shop names and address decoupaged on one side, fabric on the other side.  Maybe fabric on both sides.  I’m thinking they’re a little ridiculous and just might work.

I’m always a little uncertain tho’ whether I’ll really like it all in the end.