Rainbows in the Snow

Winter rainbows 

So I’m thinking of how easy and hard it is to create anything.  Start with a simple idea and build with it.  That’s the path of life.  Everything seems simple enough, but twists and turns have a way of educating and inspiring me to do better, or at least more than I ever imagined.

I like the idea of winter rainbows.  Iridescent snowflakes and frost on the window.  I have new products in my shops and snow outside my window.  Here’s my first new listing for today.  Rainbow of votives

 I love the purity of the colors.  They’re like the snow, simple, elegant, and with their own power.

I also listed two new plates. Red Glass Offering Plate and Gold Glass Offering Plate 

Some time ago I was experimenting with weaving ribbon to make backgrounds.  It works well for quilts but I wanted to try it in decoupage.  This is one of those simple ideas that became really complex.  These started with the pieces of colored and white iridescent ribbon woven into a single piece.  Then I pinned it all down to a piece of plastic wrap so I could transfer it to the plate.  And it turned out to have no impact at all, blah in fact.  That’s when I got the idea to jazz them up a little so on went a border of glitter and a layer of tissue.

And they grew like snow drifts, gaining personality and impact as I worked with them.  I’m always amazed by the things I create after they’re finished.  When they leave my hands they take on a life of their own.  Perhaps completion generates synergy.  They become more than the sum of their parts.  The flow of life can do that, when every action I take sends a ripple.  Maybe it’s sharing a bit of beauty through my art and maybe it’s through just being nice to the lady behind the cash register.  This is starting to sound like a Christmas movie.  But I’m counting on this kind of synergy to lead my life somewhere I haven’t seen, around some bend in the path that will insprire and amaze me.

So I got to share these pretty things with you.  Pass it on.  Share something nice with someone today.  Maybe it’ll take your path someplace new and amazing!

Taking it Easy

Take it easy, to make it easy.

It’s snowing.  A lot.

I can either look at it as an obstacle to the flow of my life, including shoveling snow and cancelling appointments.  Or I can look at it as a really beautiful day to stay home, indoors, and make soup, and enjoy the security of my home.  No matter how I look at it, I can’t change the reality of knee-deep snow and more coming.


Have you ever thought about what it means to “take it hard”?  We usually apply it to death or some disaster or upheaval in our lives.  But it’s really about attitude.  It’s about judging an occurrence in reality and the emotional label you paste on it.  If you “take it hard” it’s a pain, a burden, even a disaster.  But oddly enough, and we almost never look at it this way, to “take it easy” is really the exact opposite.  It’s not about relaxing.  It’s about the judgment you put on an occurrence in reality and how you allow it to impact your life, the flow of your reality.


If I take it easy my life isn’t entirely screwed up by bad weather.  If I take it easy, the death of a loved one is a loss to me but a joyful release for them.  If I take it easy, I’m not sick and angry over something bad that’s happened.  I can look for alternatives.  If I take it easy, an obstacle becomes a challenge.  And a challenge is a gift to prove I can do better, find a way around.


No, of course it’s not easy, to learn to take it easy.  But if I take it easy today, then I get to go out and have some fun shoveling snow.  And the appointments can wait till we’re shoveled out.  And it’s not like I don’t have plenty to do at home today.  And I’ve just made my whole to-do list a whole lot easier.